Procedures for Maintaining Coolants

Coolant Maintenance is a broad area referring to all aspects of coolant use including mixing, in-service monitoring, and recycling.

Coolant Maintenance Equipment

  • Clean mixing container
  • Calibrated refractometer
  • Mixing or Proportioning unit
  • Tramp oil removal equipment

Mixing Procedures

Maintaining a consistent concentration in the machine requires the proper mixing and proportioning of your coolant. When using any Harry Miller coolant, the product should always be pre-mixed before adding it to the machine. This insures a homogenous fluid in service at all times.

When mixing the coolant by hand, it is important to add the concentrate into the water while agitating. This procedure prevents the formation of an inverted emulsion. For best results a proportioner is recommended; these devices automatically add and mix the coolant to a pre-set, stable dilution.

In-service Monitoring

A coolant can undergo many changes while in use, which is why it is necessary to monitor the condition of the product on a regular basis. Excessive heat, turbulence, contamination and drag-out all affect the coolant’s condition and performance. To ensure that your coolant is operating at its optimum level, it is necessary to monitor and control these effects.

Checking the Concentration

This is the single most important characteristic of your coolant. The product must be within its recommended dilution range to function properly. The only way to accurately check the concentration on sight is with a refractometer. Estimating the concentration based on appearance or feel is not recommended under any circumstances. Concentration should be checked regularly, especially before use following any down time.

While in use, the coolant value in the machine will drop due to loss through evaporation and drag-out. Because the major portion of loss is due to evaporation, the coolant concentration will gradually increase. To offset this, it is necessary to replenish the coolant at a weaker dilution. In order to maintain the desired working concentration, make-up should be added at ½ the working concentration (i.e to maintain 8 %, add make-up at 4%).

Never add straight water or concentrate.